Meeting Minutes 4/14/2015 for Schoharie 5K

S’cary Leg Runners Minutes Meeting

April 14, 2015 – Schoharie Elementary School

Begin 7:07pm Chad, Dave, Meghan (teacher rep), Pam, Chris, Carl, Vicki, Amy

  • Agenda not reviewed – work meeting to prepare for race

o   Vicki & Chris  labeling bags and bibs

o   Carl & Chad matching up shirts  to runner bags

o   Meghan & Pam attaching ribbons to mugs

o   Dave provide updates

  • Mayor has 4-5 people to be on course (police)
  • Fire department has volunteers
  • Reviewed course with Meghan to show were Teachers can man course
  • 2015 Schoharie 5K

o   Confirmed team members to work: Dave, Vicki, Amy, Carl, Chad, Pam, Wil, Melissa, Donna

o   DOT update- nothing received yet – Dave will follow up with Pete Lopez (update – received 4/15/15)

o   Chobani update – confirmed Dave to pick up Thursday

o   Finish line banner – 2 Finish  Line with logo on shoot side and S’cary Leg Runners  word and logo on other side for pictures – Carl to order

o   Course set up

  • Arrow and turn markers – Dave to set up Friday night
  • Village will drop barriers Friday night – we need to set up and take down (village will pick up Monday morning)
  • Cones on course – Chad, Carl, Johnathon & Jacob will set up early
  • Time clock at mile market 1 (need cell # to call when to start)
  • Tables, cups, water and garbage can  in front of library for Girl Scotts

o   Registration will be in cafeteria – reminder all runners to return tags after race (bin by finish line) and explain where tags go – there will be signs placed around with directions and sneaker picture

  • Pre-Register section – bags completed with bib and shirts – 2-3 people to man
  • Day of Registration section – 3-4 people – have forms and pens in open area; then “production line” payment; form review and bib number assigned, shirt distribution and bib marked. Will need “runner” for paper to Amy for data entry

o   Food tables – Sherry and Key Club will man

o   Garbage cans – Dave will bring down – two will be for recycling (signs)

o   Music – Randy to bring speaker system for Pam’s play list

o   Finish line

  • Two tents  -Chris to bring
  • System manning – Dave, Carl & Chad
  • Manual system – Melissa (DO WE NEED TWO PEOPLE?)

o   Start line announcer WHO WANTS TO VOLUNTEER? (reminder to return tags to bin at finish line, awards will start at 11, if you’re not able to stay, you can have alternate pick up your mug

  • Need bull horn speaker, horn to start rate

o   Award Ceremony  – need 3 people  – announcer, person to hand out awards and person to track  no shows (sticky note with name and place in mug)

o   1k run – manned by teachers – begin at noon?

o   Clean up – all

  • Adjourned 9:40pm