Meeting Minutes 5/30/2012

Adirondack is Sept 28th & 29th
Captain is still me
3 volunteers are needed- Vicki is going to ask her mom, sister, and brother-in-law
501c3- Vicki is going to start this process after school lets out
only 1 team for Adirondack
$60.93 was left in the account after Cape Cod- $50.00 is going back to Nathan
Next meeting is June 12th at Melissa’s house 7pm.  Bring your $100.00 for the run
BBQ- my house on July 10th around 6pm.  Bring family and bathing suits.  Vicki and I are picking up the meet- everyone bring a dish and what alcohol you want to drink.  I will have water and juice.
We are going to start a club.  Facebook is going to be our start then we will get a website.  This is going to be a process so any help is great.  Will and Melissa are going to help with facebook for now.
I’m going to contact Knucklehead and get a book.  We would like long sleeve shirts for the next run.Sta(Schoharie 5k) wanted to know if we wanted ownership of that run?  Lets talk about it at our next meeting.