Meeting Minutes 9/9/2014

S’cary Leg Runners Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2014 – Schoharie Elementary School

Start 7:10pm; End 8:05pm

Attendees: Vicki, Pam, Chad, Donna, Amy

  • Reviewed  minutes from  8/12/14 meeting  -corrections needed:

o   Pam, Chad and Dave not running Timothy Murphy run

o   Donna registered for Last Run

o   Donna & Rick confirmed for Cape Cod

  • Financials review

o   $100 check received from Donna Lavigne Agency

o   Donation clarification:

  • Any Donation made payable to S’cary Leg Runners will be used by the team as a whole and cannot be earmarked for a specific individual(s).
  • 2015 Schoharie 5K

o   Pam advised Pool Recreation Board meeting – very happy to have our support

o   Race shirts will have the Wave Runner logo

  • Pam will get a picture to use

o   Tech shirts for all runners – approved

  • Clothing

o   New vendor for tech shirts – Pam  & Dave tested shirts and love them – considering for Schoharie 5K

  • Adopt a Highway Update – Pam has paperwork  – further discussion at next meeting
  • Reach the Beach  Sept 12th and 13th

o   Van 1 leaving 1pm Thur 9/11  – Rick, Vicki, Kristin, Sue, Chris, Desiree and Kristin’s 2 friends Van 2 – Dave and Chad will meet

o   Chris has 10 vest, 7 lights  and blow up legs

  • Need 4 for each van

o   Pam meeting team in Laconia around 9pm

o   Earliest return home 2pm Sunday

o   Pam paid $97.19 balance