Meeting Minutes from 10/13/2015

S’cary Leg Runners Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2015, start time 6:34pm

Attendees:  Carl, Pam, Vicki, Amy, Chad, Sherry, Dave

  • Joshua Project (JP)– Pat Costello was guest to present Joshua Project – a faith based volunteer organization with multiple programs
  • Summer lunch program – 2015 held at Schoharie Presbyterian Church and Middleburg High School cafeteria. No show for Schoharie and program cancelled 3rdweek in July, Middleburgh very successful 80 – 200 people per day; this was 2nd yr. for Schoharie with a no/low participation level.  Considering moving program to Central Bridge for 2016.

o   Privately funded

o   Open to public

o   Program offers lunch with sandwiches, veggies, fruit, dessert and beverage.  Everything is made to order and participants take what they want to eat to limit waste.

o   Food donation are made by Shaul Farms and Barbers for veggies and fruit

o   Lunchmeat is bought in bulk and cut up by volunteers

  • Back Pack Program – this is fully funded by Regional Food Bank (~$15,000 annually)
  • Provides 5 days of breakfast and lunch for each child within the household and delivered to their homes on Thursday during the summer
  • Currently doesn’t do not provide for infants – would like to expand in that area in the future if funds are available
  • Clothing Program – works with Everything Shoppe in Middleburgh and Cobleskill – all clothes donated on behalf of JP to store – JP receives a 0.50 of each $1 in gift certificates so they can intern give out to needed families to go to the shops to purchase what they need
  • Furniture Program – pick up and deliver where needed – very high turnover
  • Home Visits for Elderly – companion/friendships
  • Home Visits for Families in Need – personal one on one meeting – explains programs available
  • Emergency Food Program – is food pantry is not open or someone cannot get to a pantry – JP provides 3 days of food and then follows up to connect person with food pantry
  • Meals on Wheels – help Office of Ageing (OFA) deliver meals in the Village of Middleburg

o   State regulates food has to be delivered within 2 hours of the time it leaves the   “kitchen” with budget cuts – OFA doesn’t have enough man power to meet timing deadline

  • Christmas Giving – church from Schenectady donates toys and JP hands out where needed – 2014 there were about 900 toys shared with various families
  • Thanksgiving Dinner – new in 2014 – 60 turkeys and all the fixings were distributed
  • Schoharie Tutoring Program – new 2015 coordinated by Chris Quandt  – 30 high school student tutor elementary student – JP provides snacks for program.
  • Tom Clayton did not show to meeting- scheduled to request beneficiary for Schoharie 5k  request for  scholarship program for seniors – looking to extend program from 2 students to 4 for 2016
  • Minutes from 9/8 meeting approved
  • Financial’ s reviewed and approved
  • Payment will be made to Dave of $480 toward timing clock balance noted
  • Vote to have Evening Star Bookkeeping handle annual taxes – quoted $150 per year charge –6 yes  0 no
  • Membership
  • Outstanding dues: Chris, Sue and Rick. Pam will reach out to Chris, Sue and Carl to Rick
  • New member – Cynthia Lockrow from Amsterdam – welcome letter and t-shirt will be sent out and she will be added to all our email notifications and invited to meeting
  • Timothy Murphy 10k – post race discussion – need to create some check lists for start line, finish line, announcement for start of race (reminder where tags go, return at end of race), create eye level sign for shoe tags (Chad will create something), need shade/cover for TV for better visual and rain protection, look into getting “political type” boards with pictures of sneakers and where tags should go.
  • Race timing – need to create a price list, contact for all future race timing, require contract signed and deposit made at time of signature. Race stat labels will be included in the base timing fee
  • Spark – no bill will be issued for timing – donation request only
  • Timothy Murphy 10k – Carl will follow up with Rachael
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Village of Schoharie, Sat Oct 31st 5-7pm Main Street and county parking lot

o   Chad & Pam will bring van down and set up S’cary Leg Finish line banner

o   $50 will be spent for candy

o   Melanie and Vicki will help hand out candy – anyone else welcome to join in

  • My School Color Run – 4/30/16 -Vicki working with Booster Club to raise money
  • Similar to Color Me Rad runs – organization charges school $12 per runner and supplies color packets, cones and logistics for race.  Registration $20 Student/$30 Adults – net stays with school

o   5k (2 color stations ) and 1k (1 color station)

  • Vicki meeting with Middleburgh Booster club to see if they want to do a joint effort – Spring in Schoharie and Fall in Middleburgh
  • Looking to run through query – wondering why we moved Schoharie 5k route – purely to keep the crossing of  Rte. 30 at the beginning of the race
  • Who to contact – Village, police, Coby Stone and DOT
  • Any S’cary Leg Club members interested in helping with course set up, man a color station etc., let Vicki know.

Meeting adjoined 8:05pm

Next meeting –Tuesday November 10 at 6:30 Schoharie Elementary Teachers lounge – Guest speaker – Bobbi Ryan to discuss Walmart $5k Grant process and Schoharie County Chamber ½ Marathon for Fall 2016