Meeting Minutes from 11/10/2015

S’cary Leg Runners Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2015 –Schoharie Elementary School Teachers Lounge

Begin 6:35pm   Attendees: Dave, Carl, Vicki, Sherri, Amy, Chad; Guest: Bobbi Ryan

–       Schoharie County Chamber ½ Marathon – Bobbi Ryan

–     Still looking for race director, planning for August 27, 2016 but not definite

–     Dave proposed 2 options

  • Fair grounds start – Mineral Springs to Barnerville to Walmart, to Borst Noble back to fairgrounds
  • Covered Bridge in Blenheim to Middleburgh

–     Sanctioned vs certified course

  • Certified – more expensive –
  • Sanction – run race according to USTF guidelines & rules – pay for sanction and insurance is free

–     NYSDOT required insurance $$$

–     Enrollment, advertisement, social media, word of mouth is key – need to get the info out there to get large participating

–             Bobbi will share with chamber committee and come back at future team meeting for further discussion

–               Walmart 5k Grant

–     Employees of Walmart vote on a charity  to donate money to

–     They need to donate 250 volunteer labor hours – once that is completed Walmart issued check to charity

  • Bake sale item, help with project, help with race

–     Voting in January 2016

  • Send Bobbie details on Joshua Project to give to Steve – he will add Joshua Project to the list

–       Minutes from 11/10 meeting approved

–       Financial’ s reviewed and approved

–     Money from Timothy Murphy 10k should be sent to Rachael and payable to Timothy Murphy 10K.

  • They will issue check back to club for timing

–     Vote to pay Dave $517.11 toward timing balance – vote 5 yes – 0 no

–       Schoharie 5K – 4/16/16

–     Change start time from 10 to 9am?  Due to canoe races in Middleburg – Carl to confirm their start time

–     Further discussion on race details at next meeting

–       Racing news/Future race

–     Dave ran NYC Marathon – 3:48:51

  • Nice strong race!! Congrats!!  Interviewed by ABC

–     Last Run Albany – 12/19 5pm – Amy, Vicki, Chad, Pam registered

–     My Color Run –  4/30/15 in Schoharie


Meeting ended 7:25pm – next meeting 12/9

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