2016 Timothy Murphy 10K Run & Walk for the Environment

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2016 Landis Perennial 5K Forest Run

This race has become a favorite with people who love not only the challenge of the changing elevations, but also the opportunity to take in one of the loveliest places to run (or walk!) in the Eastern United States. There are prizes for the winners of course, but many people come to run or walk because they consider any day getting physical activity in such a gorgeous setting is a win!

Peak To Brew

2016 Peak to Brew Relay

Are you looking for a challenge beyond the typical road race and an event that will build lasting Team camaraderie…then you are ready for Peak to Brew. The Peak to Brew Relay race presented by Bark Eater Events, LLC is the Northeast’s longest most scenic overnight Team supported relay race at 234 miles.

The Green Mountain Relay

The Green Mountain Relay

The Green Mountain Relay first took place in 2006. It’s the brainchild of Colorado-based Timberline Events LLC and was part of their Road Less Traveled Relays series. As admitted snobs when it comes to running in beautiful areas, RLT Relays searched for the back roads that would highlight the scenery and handle hundreds of teams.

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Middleburgh Sloughter 5k

2016 Middleburgh Sloughter 5K Run/Walk

The Middleburgh Sloughter 5K Run/Walk, sponsored by the Middleburgh Rotary Club, is being held on the evening of Friday, June 3rd at 7PM. Race applications are available here or at www.middleburghrotaryny.org and by email at shoerzy@midtel.net or by calling 827-5802. They will also be available at Middleburgh Chiropractic at the Crossroads Barn in Cobleskill, Middleburgh Library, Coxsackie

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