S'cary Leg Runners

A Schoharie Valley Running Club

About Us


S’cary Leg Runners started with a few of us wanting to run together and has turned into something much bigger. Our name came from the fact that we are all from Schoharie County. We come from all walks of life, each one of us having a different level of running. Some of us run just for fun, while others run marathons, Tough Mudder’s, Warrior Dashes, and Ironman’s. Combined we make a great team.

Each time we have participated in a Ragnar Relay, we have placed in the top 25% of our division. It has been very exciting for us especially since we participate in them for the cause and fun, not to win. We support each other all along our runs. We all have great stories, memories and personal achievements from each one.

Ragnar Relay’s are only a small portion of the races we are involved in. We also spend time running and volunteering at many local runs. Just to name a few of the local runs we volunteer at are the Schoharie 5k, Middleburgh 5k, Grace Run, Landis, Timothy Murphy 10k, and FAM 5k.

We want to make a difference in our community and around one step at a time. We host weekly runs on Sunday’s rotating between Schoharie, Middleburgh and Cobleskill to offer anyone the chance to have someone to run with. Since we all have different running levels it works out perfect for any level runner whether a beginner or advanced, young or old. We are always looking for ways to expand as a group to help the community and individuals.